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For those who are unaware UK companies ownership is not limited to residents of the UK or Great Britain only. UK company launching, same as Seychelles company registration, of the UK Limited Company and UK Limited Liability Partnership are becoming very popular amongst non UK residents or domiciles.

private company, limited by shares and private company - limited by guarantee, the private unlimited company and the public limited company (PLC).

The UK Limited Liability Partnership is a ‘pass through’ and a tax free business structure with features of the limited liability companies and traditional partnerships. The UK LLP offers the limited liability available to limited company shareholders and the no tax regime and management flexibility available to partnerships.

The UK LLP (as a tax free business structure) is ideal for non UK residents or non domiciles through which tax savings (UK) can be optimized. A UK Limited Liability Partnership with two non-resident offshore company members pays no corporation tax nor does its member pay personal income tax in the UK.

UK companies are subject to competitive tax rates in comparison with some other European countries and the process for UK company launching, comparable to Belize company formation, is an easy and quite affordable. Business through a UK company (Ltd or LLP) bestows added trust and respect that traditional offshore companies do not always provide. For these reasons many international and multi-national companies choose UK company incorporation or include UK Company into their organisational structure.

The advantages of trading as a UK Company (Ltd) or UK LLP are many, and doing so can open up trade opportunities, can help establish a larger presence for your new or existing overseas business, not just in the UK but in the EU as well. And, UK Companies registrations allow investors to take advantage of favourable tax treaties between EU countries and worldwide double taxation treaties with over 100 countries.

The advantages of UK companies are somewhat similar to traditional offshore companies. The UK companies are subject to a lower tax rate, the UK LLP is a pass through entity (tax free) the UK Limited Company is subject to a lower tax rate between 20 and 24% levied only in income earned in the UK. There is no withholding tax on dividends paid by UK Companies. There are no minimum capital requirement and no restrictions on the movement of capital upon UK company formation. The fees for incorporation and maintenance are very low compared to many EU countries. The requirements for forming UK companies are minimal and there are no restrictions on foreign nationals being owner and members of a UK company.

A UK company formation agent, solicitor or accountant can carry out the process for you for a fee, as well as offer advice. Or you can try to set up the UK Company on your own, which might be longer and more challenging.

For all UK companies, there are regular administrative tasks that need to be completed to keep the information on the UK company up to date. A good UK company agent should provide all the necessary accounting, bookkeeping and filing services for maintaining non UK resident owned UK companies.

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