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Information About Seychelles Offshore Companies

Seychelles offshore company formation in Seychelles is quite simple. Seychelles offshore companies become created and registered by submitting the Memorandum and Articles of Association to the registrar, along with any other information or document that may be requested. Once satisfied that the requirements for Seychelles offshore incorporation are met, the registrar will register Seychelles offshore companies under his seal and signature. The memorandum of Seychelles offshore companies confirms the Seychelles offshore company’s name, registered office address and agent, issued share capital, authorized share capital and the currency used to issue those shares. Objectives, powers and purpose of a Seychelles offshore company will also appear in the memorandum of a Seychelles company offshore.

Seychelles offshore companies are set up for international business, hence the name Seychelles international business company (Seychelles IBC). Seychelles offshore company formation makes it possible for international investors to do business internationally with their Seychelles offshore company. It must be noted however that Seychelles offshore companies are not permitted to do business in Seychelles with local residents. Seychelles offshore company formation guidelines are clear on this.

Seychelles offshore companies are legal persons and because of this have the ability to enter legally binding contracts, open offshore bank accounts and invest in their own name. Although Seychelles offshore companies can conduct all sorts of business activities they are prohibited from carrying out business as registered agents, reinsurance companies and collective investment companies and banks without first making an application to conduct such business activities and then receive approval. It is important for Seychelles offshore companies to not get involved in illegal activities as they are regulated according to international and local Seychelles law and must adhere to rules and regulations for Seychelles offshore companies and Seychelles offshore company formation.

Seychelles offshore companies are required by Seychelles company formation law to have a registered address in Seychelles and a Seychelles registered agent. The main purpose of Seychelles companies offshore having registered offices is to receive mail and other correspondence if the offshore company Seychelles decides to use its registered office address as Seychelles its mailing address. Registered offices is an essential part of Seychelles offshore company incorporation so that besides receiving mail, authorities are able to contact a Seychelles company offshore at a fixed address if the need arises. Registered office and registered address for Seychelles company offshore is also used for service of process, that is, filing legal notices on a Seychelles offshore company. Seychelles

A Seychelles company offshore can issue various types of shares. Upon Seychelles offshore company formation, also known as Seychelles offshore company incorporation, a Seychelles offshore company can issue the shares that best suits it, such as redeemable shares, bearer shares, registered shares, preferred shares, shares with the right to vote, shares with no right to vote and common shares. It is also possible for a Seychelles company offshore to issue warrants, options and securities the Seychelles offshore company so wishes.

Naming a Seychelles company offshore is an important aspect of Seychelles offshore company formation. Seychelles companies offshore must have a name that is acceptable according to Seychelles company formation requirements. Seychelles offshore companies cannot have the same name as other Seychelles companies offshore. The name given to an offshore company Seychelles must have an ending word or abbreviation that means ‘limited liability’; for example, ‘Corporation’, ‘Corp.’, ‘Incorporated’, ‘Inc.’. To register companies offshore in Seychelles at least one member is needed. If the Seychelles offshore company only has one member, then that member can be both director and shareholder. Seychelles offshore company formation rules allow Seychelles offshore companies to be incorporated by legal entities such as corporations. This provides some flexibility as to who can incorporate Seychelles offshore companies.

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