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The various offshore services are ideal for individuals and companies looking for legal tools for reducing taxes. Offshore services are often used as part of tax planning strategies and for asset protection as well.

The scope of offshore services is wide and quite varied among the tax havens. The most common of offshore services includes offshore company incorporation, opening of bank accounts, offshore trust registration and offshore foundation formation. To supplement these primary offshore services there is another set of services for the maintenance and administration of the registered companies, trusts and foundations.

Safeguarding what you own is an important person responsibility and doing the rights things to attain certain goals is vital. Our firm has been facilitating investors and households with numerous offshore financial services such as and trust services, including. To learn about the benefits of second citizenship and , simply go to the contact us page at website and send us questions regarding citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean as well as other tools.

Other services offshore include banking, insurance, securities investments and brokerage business. Within each of these offshore services is a set of dedicated areas that supply a diversity of financial demands for small businesses, large corporations, private individuals and investors, brokerage firms, associations and even governments.

Offshore services are available in tax havens which offer offshore entities. The number of tax havens offshore jurisdictions has been increasing as offshore services is proving to be a viable economic earner for many countries. The choice offshore jurisdictions where top offshore services are provided; include Belize, Dominica, Anguilla, St Kitts and Nevis, Belize, Panama, Seychelles, Cyprus, Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bahamas, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cayman Islands and many countries around the world.

Going offshore can open up new investment opportunities for building new trade dealings, expanding finance options, opening new markets for raw materials, human resources, skills and even creating the possibility for small businesses to develop very sophisticated management, corporate and financial networks.

For example, offshore banking can be viewed from the standpoint of international banking, investment banking or private banking, while with company formation services can be specialised as offshore services for company management, corporate secretarial services, , asset management and protection, tax planning and business planning.

Offshore services are most often provided by registered agents or companies who are known as offshore services providers. To become an offshore service provider or a registered agent, an application for an operating license must be made to the local body responsible for (financial) offshore services. There are severe consequences for operating as a registered agent without the proper license. The governments in each offshore tax haven usually publish the names of endorsed and registered agents.

The local registered offshore services agent is the party responsible for collating the required documents for offshore companies formation, formation of trusts and foundation registration. There are also the party responsible for processing application for offshore banking, internet gambling, offshore trust and insurance services.

Many offshore agents build intermediary relations with various local, offshore and international banks so as to be able to provide invaluable bank introductions and offshore bank accounts. The level of offshore services is generally high, since this market is a competitive one, each jurisdiction aiming to be the best. As such the offshore service providers are knowledgeable, capable, skilled and proficient. In fact in many jurisdictions, the offshore service providers are made up of professionals in the fields of company law, tax planning, accounting and company management.

The cost of offshore services is dependent on the offshore jurisdiction chosen and the skill set of the registered agents. The cost of incorporating the various offshore entities is determined by polices in place in the individual offshore jurisdictions. Registered agent fees will also fluctuate with each offshore service imposing a different price structure. There are offshore services charges which must be paid to the respective governments for registration and annual maintenance and registered agent fees but local taxes are levied for offshore companies, trusts and foundations. Offshore banks may charge fees for certain offshore banking services.

Making use of offshore services has one very cost effective benefit, amongst other general advantages. Offshore entities are either tax free or low tax structures. This means investors can use the offshore entity as part of broader tax savings and tax planning measures. Further, offshore entities are generally easier to set up, manage and administer to.

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