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Information About Dominica Offshore Companies

Dominica offshore companies or Dominica International Business Companies (IBCs) are business corporations registered according to the Dominica IBC Act of 1996. The Dominica offshore company is just part of the offshore services which is offered in the jurisdiction. Dominica also offers offshore banking. The Dominica offshore company has many features which make the offshore company appealing; guaranteed tax exemptions, easy incorporation and a simple business structure.

The world today calls for people to serious consider informed asset management and . One of these includes helping with second citizenship applications for and Citizenship-by-Investment programs. Families with a second citizenship can own a second home be it for vacationing, permanent resident or . One of this company’s goals is to help clients to smartly conduct estate and using various strategies available.

Dominica offshore companies receive tax exemptions for twenty (20) years from the day of incorporation and this is guaranteed by legislation, making the tax haven the only jurisdiction to give this assurance to owners of offshore companies. Dominica offshore companies benefit from these tax exemptions; income tax, corporate tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax and estate tax. For this reason the Dominica offshore companies are used a tax planning tool. Income gained outside of Dominica will not be taxed locally. The only obligation a Dominica company has is to pay a onetime registration fee when filing incorporation documents and the offshore company must pay an annual renewal fee if it wants to remain in good standing.

Dominica offshore companies, since they are not tax residents, are not required to prepare financial statements or audits to be filed with the local tax authorities and the end of the financial year.

Dominica offshore companies fees are affordable as are the incorporation fees.

Dominica offshore companies can be used for conducting business at any location the beneficial owners chose but the offshore corporation is restricted from doing any type of business in Dominica and additionally is not allowed to conduct business on behalf of residents of the tax haven. Dominica offshore companies must ensure that all laws are followed in the country where business is carried out. Dominica offshore companies restrictions include not being permitted to own real estate property in the jurisdiction.

One of the advantages of choosing Dominica for offshore company formation is the time in which Dominica offshore company registration takes place. Dominica offshore companies formation can be done in one working day. For offshore incorporation in Dominica a registered agent must be employed as prescribed by Dominica offshore companies regulations. There are many offshore services provides in Dominica who offer their services at great rates.

Dominica offshore company formation requirements are as follows:

  • Proposed company name
  • Registered address
  • Complete Memorandum of Association
  • Complete Articles of Association
  • Authorised share capital- a minimum of US$100 is accepted
  • Minimum of one company shareholder
  • Minimum of one company director
  • The number of shares to be issued must be stated
  • The types of shares to be issued must be stated
  • Company by laws

The structure of a Dominica offshore company is such that the position of shareholder and director can be assumed by the same individual. Corporate shareholders are allowed for Dominica offshore companies formation.

The names of Dominica offshore companies must be chosen with care. Names that have been used for company incorporation in the jurisdiction will not be allowed. All Dominica offshore company names must denote limited liability therefore one of the following words or its abbreviation must be used at the end of the Dominica offshore company name; Limited (Ltd), Corporation (Corp), Sociedad Anonima (S.A) etc.

Dominica offshore companies can be used for the privacy that it provides. Offshore company information (names of shareholders and directors etc.) are not kept at public registries making it difficult for anyone to find this information. Additionally the jurisdiction of Dominica allows Nominee shareholder and nominee directors for offshore company incorporation and this means that, the name the beneficial owner will not appear on the records of the Dominic corporation. Dominica offshore company legislation favours the privacy of Dominica offshore companies; there are strict laws which prohibit any individual or corporation from giving out offshore company information without the consent of the owner.

Dominica offshore companies make good business companies and offshore company registration in Dominica is an excellent choice. The jurisdiction has progressive legislation and a stable economy and reassurance is provided in the authorities who are dedicated to the growth and development of the offshore sector.

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