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Information About Anguilla Offshore Companies

Anguilla offshore companies were introduced under the International Business Companies Act 2000. Anguilla offshore companies are companies used for international business, with the main aim of lowering overall taxes. Anguilla offshore companies are tax free and because of this are suitable for keeping down corporation taxes and increasing the profitability of a business.

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Anguilla offshore companies are legal persons with powers of human beings. This is based on the fact that an Anguilla company offshore can conduct business in its own name, open bank accounts in its own name, sign contracts, invest and undertake legal proceedings in its own name. Plus, Anguilla companies offshore are independent and distinct from their members. The assets of an Anguilla offshore company is not tied to the personal assets of its members and in this way limits liability.

Offshore companies Anguilla must conduct their business activities outside Anguilla only. This means that Anguilla offshore companies must not do business or trade with local residents of Anguilla. Notwithstanding this, the members of an offshore company Anguilla can have professional relationship with local businessmen and professionals.

In Anguilla offshore company setup process, certain documents are absolutely vital. For example, the Articles of Incorporation which is one of the main documents of the Anguilla offshore company. Upon Anguilla offshore company formation, the Articles is required to state name of the Anguilla offshore company, its registered address in Anguilla, the details of the registered agent, the classes of shares and number of shares issued by the Anguilla company, as well as its authorized share capital. Another document which is important in Anguilla company incorporation is the Certificate of Incorporation. This is prima facie evidence that the offshore Anguilla Company has been duly created and registered. Certificates of incorporation for Anguilla offshore companies are given by the Registrar of Companies in Anguilla. Offshore companies must satisfy certain requirements in order to be given this document. It is only if the Registrar approves and is pleased that the Anguilla offshore company which is undergoing formation has satisfied requirements that a Certifcate of Incorporation for Anguilla offshore company formation is given.

Anguilla offshore companies must have members. At least one member is required for Anguilla company formation. Anguilla offshore companies must have directors and shareholders. Other officers may be appointed to fulfill other roles in the Anguilla offshore company. The first directors of Anguilla companies offshore are appointed by a resolution of the board. Provisions for issues of importance to the Anguilla offshore company may be put in the articles as well. It is possible for members of an Anguilla offshore company to make amendments to the articles by a resolution. Any changes made to the articles of Anguilla companies offshore must be brought to the attention of the Registrar for Anguilla offshore companies within fourteen days.

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