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Offshore companies are formally known as International Business Companies (IBCs). An offshore company is a company which is formed outside the country of residence of the individual that is forming it. Countries where offshore companies are formed are referred to as offshore jurisdictions and often called tax havens or tax shelters.

Additional tax and benefits can be received from having a . From the inception of our service, we have networked with service providers who assist customers who would like to own a second passport. Offshore help maximize asset management efforts while through households can further acquire wealth and plan for the future in terms of safety and rental income or real estate investments.

Offshore companies are generally created under a tax free regime in the countries where they are incorporated. This means that offshore companies do not pay taxes to the jurisdictions where they are formed and as a result can minimize their tax burden. This tax free status of an offshore company is based on the fact that the country of incorporation is not the source of income of the company offshore. Normally, a specific legal framework is established for offshore companies and would require an offshore company to earn its income and trade solely outside the jurisdiction. Locals therefore are prohibited from offshore company formation.

In terms of company formation, a requirement is having directors and shareholders. The directors, shareholders and other officers of a company offshore must be non residents and citizens of other countries. Withholding tax on dividends and interests are also avoided in this way. An offshore company is exempted from income tax, withholding tax, duties, gifts tax, transfer tax, death tax and other taxes that may be imposed in the country of offshore company formation.

The directors and shareholders of an offshore company are however able to remit cash to an offshore bank which is based in the jurisdiction of offshore company formation, and will not be exposed to any form of taxation. It is also possible for directors of an offshore company to lease an office in the jurisdiction. Generally, offshore companies are not allowed to have an interest in real property. An offshore company can use its leased office to manage its overseas affairs but not to do business or trade with local residents and local companies. In spite of this, the members of an offshore company can have professional correspondence with lawyers, accountants and other professionals in the offshore jurisdiction.

Due to this type of regime for offshore companies, an offshore company can be used for international trade to establish presence in various markets internationally. Offshore company formation goes hand in hand with offshore banking which enables an offshore company to pursue its interests and conduct transactions on an international scale. Offshore company formation is something that is protected by privacy regulations for offshore companies, and it is only under very specific conditions that offshore company information can be shared with third parties.

Belize offshore companies, BVI offshore companies, Dominica offshore companies and Seychelles offshore companies all have very similar features. For example, Dominica offshore companies, Seychelles offshore companies and BVI offshore companies only require one person to incorporate. The same applies for Nevis offshore companies, Anguilla offshore companies and Cyprus offshore companies. Offshore company formation is efficient in these jurisdictions and offshore company formation can be undertaken by a corporation as well.

Offshore services are diverse and include offshore banking, offshore insurance, reinsurance, offshore investing and offshore company formation. Offshore services are an important part of many economies, especially tax havens where offshore services help to create jobs and bring in revenue. Offshore services are governed strictly and clients are protected by privacy laws.

Offshore services and the types of offshore companies that are available are more sophisticated, as in the example of the Protected Cell Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships which were designed to offer specific offshore company financial benefits that would not be possible with a regular offshore company. Offshore company formation laws and other general legal provisions are introduced to accommodate these innovations and enable usage and to regulate various these types of offshore companies accordingly.

Offshore company formation has become an important aspect of trade, tax planning and asset protection. Offshore formation services are very competitive and offshore companies are vital to international trade and business.

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